New Headshots for Nevro Co.

I recently had the pleasure of shooting headshots for the board members of Nevro Corporation. Nevro is a medical device company located in Redwood City, California. Their goal is to help patients suffering from chronic pain achieve lasting relief. For these pictures, I wanted the headshots to amplify the team’s high-quality, caring professionalism.

As a Bay Area photographer, I often travel to my clients and use the unique benefits of each location. I worked outside of my studio for this shoot, and I even brought travel photo studio equipment with me on set. Within half an hour of arriving on location, I had already quickly set up a makeshift photo studio! As per the client’s request, I also set up a portable white background to make the headshots stand out. 

Additionally, I provided a makeup artist for this photoshoot. The makeup artist gave quick five-minute touch-ups for all of the clients before pictures began. Having a makeup artist on set always helps with the overall headshot process, ensuring that clients are camera-ready. Although there is an additional makeup artist fee upfront, it often reduces post-production costs because there is less editing to do. Having the makeup artist on set ensured that each board member from Nevro felt comfortable and confident. 

My favorite part of this shoot was the brief interactions I had with everyone I photographed. It is natural for many people to tense up in front of the camera. Therefore, I always treat everyone like a friend rather than a high-level executive. Being grounded with my clients helps them to open up their personalities and vulnerability with me. For instance, one of the board members I photographed named Brad was having a hard time smiling on camera. While looking through my camera lens, I slyly exclaimed, “Brad, has anyone ever told you you’re a cross between Bruce Willis and Anthony Hopkins?” Immediately after that, Brad couldn’t help but crack an authentic smile. It is moments like these that make me fulfilled and proud to be a silicon valley headshot photographer. 

Here are a few of the results.

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