Shooting for the Costco Connection

It’s not always that you have to shoot images with a highly stylized approach. Many times your just tasked to shoot a clean product shot on a white background for a in-store magazine so that the client can overlay all the info. Such is the case when I shot for the Costco Connection Member Magazine. Here, they are showcasing their very own Kirkland Brand of Citra Hop IPA beer. All they asked was for clean photos of the product so that’s what I delivered. I did make once exception to include some blocks in the shot with the product and they liked it too! It’s always a good idea to throw something in a little extra and in this case it worked!

Olivier Truffle Olive Oil

Seems to be the new trend of food photography. Multiple bottles stacked in a row in a repetitive pattern. Really catches the eye. Repetitive works and it’s a great marketing technique. Here’s what we did with Olivier Napa Valley infused Truffle Olive Oil. 

Special Guest NBC News with Chris Chmura

Had the great opportunity to shoot a casual portrait of Chris Chmura from NBC Responds. Not only is he a great guy but and awesome story teller as well. Although the shoot only lasted under half an hour, we spent most of the second hour talking about his career working in journalism and some crazy stories from his line of work. Glad to have NBC as part of my clients. 

Did someone say Burger?

It’s not uncommon for a client to approach you without the budget for a food stylist, as was the case here but I think we made it work. I used warm tones to signify pleasing comfort food. Can you tell which one is the Blue Cheese Burger ;)

Headshots that tell a little more

Shot Mustafa yesterday. Was great to hear his story. He wanted not only a headshot but a couple other images that reminded him of the road to where he is today. From his earlier studies at Brown University to the Medical Campus at Stanford. He’s now graduated as a Neurologist and is ready to save lives. I feel like we all need someone like him especially in times like these. Congrats Mustafa!

Target OpenHouse Photoshoot

We recently had the opportunity to shoot a brand new concept that Target stores is rolling out and it’s promising to be a very cool concept that combines the latest in technology and gaming. Do you ever walk through the aisles of a Target store and wonder how these new gadgets actually work in your own home? The Target OpenHouse brings you closer to that experience by providing “Zones” as they call it throughout their OpenHouse. The concept store is located in the heart of San Francisco near Union Square in the Metreon building. Next time your in the area make sure to stop by! 

Here are just a few shots that we captured of the store. For more information and to see more of our shots head over to Target’s page here

Top 5 Food Photographer in San Jose

I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Peerspace to inform me that I was voted Top 5 Food Photographers in San Jose, CA. I guess it’s surprising because I haven’t been shooting food for long. It sparked an interest not too long ago being around my girlfriend who works in the wine industry and being around the top cuisine in the city. Food is full of colors and texture that makes it very rewarding to photograph. I basically got my start in this field by asking some local restaurants in my area if I can shoot a few of there photogenic menu items. I did this for a couple of restaurants and I was hooked. I would like to work more closely to local wineries and hopefully build some great relationships along the way. Here’s the article from Peerspace!

EBCE Solar Panel Installation

We were recently commissioned by the East Bay Community Energy company to document a solar panel installation for one of their clients in Berke;y called La Pena Cultural Center. I was given about 2 hours to document and EBCE also wanted some video footage. With that said and given the allotted time, my camera had to work as both a photo and a video tool for the day, switching back and forth between the two. I also included some drone footage to complete the video. Here’s the result from that shoot…

If you or your company needs a video to communicate your vision, please give us a call to setup a consultation today!

Photographer Spotlight

It’s not often that I come across another photographers work that completely moves me. Seeing images that stop me dead in my tracks; and makes me wonder if I will ever get close to what this person has achieved through his looking glass. We now live in a time where media is all about photos, a countless number of random photos are being snapped every split second of the day. I struggle to recognize the meaning and stories among the masses.

Gone are the days that you crack open a box, sitting on a hard to reach shelf, and inside the box you catch the first scent of the aging film paper. Muted colors that seem to fade with time, every photo tells a story, takes you back to those memorable times in life that slowly shaped the person you are today. Gone are these times. It’s all about perception now, it’s a multitude of quick snapshots in time, rather than a story. A picture, not a story.

I recently came across a photographers work when doing some research for my own commissioned project and his images gave me that feeling that I would get when looking at old photographs. I though to myself, this is true art, this is what I want to submerse myself in and appreciate he story that underlines the photograph. Alistair’s work has a timeless feel. It’s not just a picture, it’s a sense, it touches you in more ways than just a visual. I was drawn to the unconventional compositions, stories, old filmic look, muted tones. 

With that said, I give this spotlight to Alistair Taylor - Young. I really enjoyed looking through his work and I hope you can grab a cup of coffee, sit in a nice comfy couch and enjoy some of the most beautiful photographs I’ve seen in a long while. 

See his work here:

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