Photographer Spotlight

It’s not often that I come across another photographers work that completely moves me. Seeing images that stop me dead in my tracks; and makes me wonder if I will ever get close to what this person has achieved through his looking glass. We now live in a time where media is all about photos, a countless number of random photos are being snapped every split second of the day. I struggle to recognize the meaning and stories among the masses.

Gone are the days that you crack open a box, sitting on a hard to reach shelf, and inside the box you catch the first scent of the aging film paper. Muted colors that seem to fade with time, every photo tells a story, takes you back to those memorable times in life that slowly shaped the person you are today. Gone are these times. It’s all about perception now, it’s a multitude of quick snapshots in time, rather than a story. A picture, not a story.

I recently came across a photographers work when doing some research for my own commissioned project and his images gave me that feeling that I would get when looking at old photographs. I though to myself, this is true art, this is what I want to submerse myself in and appreciate he story that underlines the photograph. Alistair’s work has a timeless feel. It’s not just a picture, it’s a sense, it touches you in more ways than just a visual. I was drawn to the unconventional compositions, stories, old filmic look, muted tones. 

With that said, I give this spotlight to Alistair Taylor - Young. I really enjoyed looking through his work and I hope you can grab a cup of coffee, sit in a nice comfy couch and enjoy some of the most beautiful photographs I’ve seen in a long while. 

See his work here:

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