Paul Ferradas was born in Lima, Peru. At the age of 4, his family moved to the United States. San Jose, California was his home for most of his early childhood. In the late seventies Paul moved to Miami, Florida. It was here where he began to absorb all the diverse cultures and wonderful colors that areas like South Beach had to offer. Art was everywhere, an inspiration that would open doors to see life as one big piece of art.Without any formal training in photography, Paul began to study the works of iconic photographers that he admired such as Mario Testino which is also from Lima Peru, Richard Avedon, Steve Meisel, and Raphael Mazzucco to name a few.It’s been a few years now, though still very early in his career, Paul continues to add to his growing list of clients, of which include Planet Beach, Golden State Warriors, numerous national magazines, and many more. Paul has become very passionate in the world of fashion as a form of art. As an approved agency photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, he continues to develop his vision while working with local talent on creating images that help launch and maintain successful careers in the ever challenging modeling industry.

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