March 2024

Branding photoshoot for a hat company in St Helena Napa California

In the heart of St. Helena, Napa Valley, a visionary brand is redefining the world of custom hats. HighMoon Hat Company, a boutique hat maker known for their handcrafted creations, is embarking on a transformative branding photoshoot that will showcase the artistry and craftsmanship behind each unique design.

As a commercial photographer specializing in fashion and product photography, I am thrilled to collaborate with HighMoon Hat Company on this exciting project. The photoshoot aims to create a series of images that will not only highlight the beauty and quality of their hats but also convey the story and passion behind the brand.

The location for the photoshoot has been carefully chosen to reflect the essence of St. Helena, Napa Valley - a place known for its picturesque vineyards, charming hills, and cabin-like interiors.

HighMoon fuses art, luxury, and craftsmanship. Each hat is custom and uniquely designed for each client as well as collaboration with local boutiques and shops across the United States such as the Amangani in Jackson WY. All hats are created with the most high-end materials like 100% fur felt and genuine leather.

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