Intel Capital Headshot

Recent headshot for Intel Capital Investment firm in Santa Clara, CA. The brief laid out precise lighting diagrams to match the other headshots on their website. Neutral grey backgrounds are great for headshots as they are timeless and can be used just about anywhere. 

Our studio session includes 30 minutes with two outfit changes. Blink Creative is located in Santa Clara, CA, near the San Jose Airport. 

Shooting Technology

Kinetics corporation had a few machines that needed to be shot for a catalog. Most of these machines are shot on tabletops or on the floor which requires us to cut them out of the shot and replace them with a plain background that is common in catalogs. Working with the larger machines we take care in ensuring that we don’t get any significant reflections that would pose a problem when working with metallic surfaces. 

New Headshots for Nevro Co.

I recently had the pleasure of shooting headshots for the board members of Nevro Corporation. Nevro is a medical device company located in Redwood City, California. Their goal is to help patients suffering from chronic pain achieve lasting relief. For these pictures, I wanted the headshots to amplify the team’s high-quality, caring professionalism.

As a Bay Area photographer, I often travel to my clients and use the unique benefits of each location. I worked outside of my studio for this shoot, and I even brought travel photo studio equipment with me on set. Within half an hour of arriving on location, I had already quickly set up a makeshift photo studio! As per the client’s request, I also set up a portable white background to make the headshots stand out. 

Additionally, I provided a makeup artist for this photoshoot. The makeup artist gave quick five-minute touch-ups for all of the clients before pictures began. Having a makeup artist on set always helps with the overall headshot process, ensuring that clients are camera-ready. Although there is an additional makeup artist fee upfront, it often reduces post-production costs because there is less editing to do. Having the makeup artist on set ensured that each board member from Nevro felt comfortable and confident. 

My favorite part of this shoot was the brief interactions I had with everyone I photographed. It is natural for many people to tense up in front of the camera. Therefore, I always treat everyone like a friend rather than a high-level executive. Being grounded with my clients helps them to open up their personalities and vulnerability with me. For instance, one of the board members I photographed named Brad was having a hard time smiling on camera. While looking through my camera lens, I slyly exclaimed, “Brad, has anyone ever told you you’re a cross between Bruce Willis and Anthony Hopkins?” Immediately after that, Brad couldn’t help but crack an authentic smile. It is moments like these that make me fulfilled and proud to be a silicon valley headshot photographer. 

Here are a few of the results.

Let’s Recycle!

Olyns Recycling Machine

Olyns is a recycling company with a desire to
change people’s perceptions about recycling. Their product, called the
Container Cube, is a high-tech recycling machine that makes recycling
interactive and educational. When using Container Cubes, users can track their
recycling habits through a phone app to learn more about their recycling habits
and positive environmental effects. Container Cubes also have a screen that
doubles as an advertising platform, as well as cash incentives for recycling.
Olyns is leading the forefront of the Recycling Revolution, and I was lucky
enough to photograph their first production recycling machine.

The purpose of this photoshoot was to help
Olyns create content for their website and media kit for potential investors.
Up to this point, Olyns only had a 3-D rendered image. For the shoot, they
wanted to use an actual machine and woman to model alongside it. The only
requirement they had for me was to shoot the machine on a white background, in
case they wanted to add graphics later.

Our studio
at Blink Creative was perfect for this because it provided us with lots of
options. Ultimately, we decided to use the studio’s white cyclorama wall, which
always makes it relatively easy to position and shoot larger products.

The machine itself was shot from multiple
exposures. In post-production, it was combined together due to the various
reflective surfaces. Olyns even ended up using the founder’s daughter for the
final image. It was an exciting and collaborative shoot, and we are thrilled
with the final results!

You should begin to see Container Cubes at
local grocery stores near you, so don’t forget to bring your recyclables!

From Label Design to Final Wine Bottle

Mission Peak Wine is nestled between the top of Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont and the rolling hills of Sunol; two beautiful cities located in the Northern California region. When they reached out to us, they were looking for label design for their new 2018 and 2019 harvest bottles. We are mostly a photography and video company so we were thrilled that they were asking us and were up to the challenge. We ended up designing the label to go on 6 of their bottles. Here’s a sample of the finished product that was added to their merchant website.

This was a first for us! To go from creating the labels, to photographing the bottles.  We also included a quick little video of the bottling process when we went to pick up the bottles from them at Page Mill Winery in Livermore California. 

Shooting for the Costco Connection

It’s not always that you have to shoot images with a highly stylized approach. Many times your just tasked to shoot a clean product shot on a white background for a in-store magazine so that the client can overlay all the info. Such is the case when I shot for the Costco Connection Member Magazine. Here, they are showcasing their very own Kirkland Brand of Citra Hop IPA beer. All they asked was for clean photos of the product so that’s what I delivered. I did make once exception to include some blocks in the shot with the product and they liked it too! It’s always a good idea to throw something in a little extra and in this case it worked!

Olivier Truffle Olive Oil

Seems to be the new trend of food photography. Multiple bottles stacked in a row in a repetitive pattern. Really catches the eye. Repetitive works and it’s a great marketing technique. Here’s what we did with Olivier Napa Valley infused Truffle Olive Oil. 

Special Guest NBC News with Chris Chmura

Had the great opportunity to shoot a casual portrait of Chris Chmura from NBC Responds. Not only is he a great guy but and awesome story teller as well. Although the shoot only lasted under half an hour, we spent most of the second hour talking about his career working in journalism and some crazy stories from his line of work. Glad to have NBC as part of my clients. 

Did someone say Burger?

It’s not uncommon for a client to approach you without the budget for a food stylist, as was the case here but I think we made it work. I used warm tones to signify pleasing comfort food. Can you tell which one is the Blue Cheese Burger ;)

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