Intel Capital Headshot

Recent Headshot for Intel Capital Investment Firm in Santa Clara, CA

A great headshot is essential for any professional, especially those in the finance industry. It is the first impression that a client or potential business partner will have of you, and it is crucial that it accurately reflects your professionalism and attention to detail. That’s why Intel Capital Investment Firm in Santa Clara, CA recently commissioned a new set of headshots for their team, with a precise brief laid out to ensure a consistent and professional look across their website.

One of the key aspects of the brief was to match the existing headshots on their website, including lighting diagrams and a neutral grey background. The neutral grey background was a great choice for a headshot, as it is timeless and can be used just about anywhere, from their website to business cards and brochures. It also helps to create a clean, professional look that puts the focus on the person in the photo.

The lighting diagrams were carefully crafted to provide a flattering and natural look for each individual, ensuring that their unique features and personalities were highlighted. This attention to detail helped to create a set of headshots that were not only consistent with each other but also with the overall look and feel of the company’s brand.

The final headshots were a great success, with each member of the team looking professional and confident in their new photos. The neutral grey background and precise lighting helped to create a cohesive and consistent look across the website, giving a positive first impression to anyone who visits the site.

In conclusion, Intel Capital Investment Firm in Santa Clara, CA has set the bar high with its recent headshots. By paying attention to the details and ensuring that the brief was followed precisely, they have created a set of headshots that accurately reflect the professionalism and attention to detail of their team. 

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