Haggerty Wind Farm

I had the opportunity to work on an aerial photo and video shoot for Haggerty Wind Farms located in the Altamont Hills in California. The project was in conjunction with East Bay Community Energy, a non-profit community choice energy program dedicated to promoting clean energy. The goal of the shoot was to capture the massive wind turbines that produce clean energy and showcase the beauty and impact of renewable energy sources.

For this project, I used a DJI drone, which proved to be the perfect tool for capturing stunning aerial shots of the wind farm. The drone’s advanced technology allowed me to fly high above the wind turbines and capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape. From above, the turbines appeared as giant white blades spinning slowly against the backdrop of the rolling hills, a truly awe-inspiring sight.

As I flew the drone over the wind farm, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the sheer scale of the turbines. They stood tall, reaching high into the sky, their blades spinning gracefully to generate clean energy. It was an incredible experience to see the turbines in action, capturing the energy of the wind and turning it into electricity for homes and businesses.

The final product was a series of stunning aerial photos and video footage of the Haggerty Wind Farm, which will be used by East Bay Community Energy to promote renewable energy and educate the public about the impact and importance of clean energy sources.

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