Food Photography for Lexington House Los Gatos

I did some recent work for The Lexington House in Los Gatos. They are a charming restaurant on Santa Cruz Avenue. It’s also a great place to come for Happy Hour. The bar is small but quaint and you’ll never know what friendly Los Gatos local you’ll run into while sipping down on some nice handcrafted cocktails. Food photography on location can be quite challenging, you don’t have the full studio there with you and sometimes working with reflections from the windows and interior lights can be a little daunting. Whenever possible it’s best to use natural light sources like being close to a large window. When those favorable conditions don’t exist then I also carry a set of wireless studio lights to light the scene. I typically like to light food photography from behind which gives it more dimension and those deep dark contrasty shadows. The lights I used for this set are the FlashPoint XPLOR 600 PRO and the Evolv 200 also made by Flashpoint. 

Using Format